Bandits on the Run

“…Whimsical and upbeat, with a soulfulness that pulls at your heartstrings… All three band members are fantastic singers, allowing them to arrange crisp and beautiful three-part harmonies…”
– Madison Square Park Conservancy

“We love Bandits on the Run! They completely charmed our family audience with a fun, eclectic mix of covers and originals-from blues to the Beatles, the Mamas & the Papas to Frankie Valli-played with a high level of musicianship and pleasing vocal harmonies. They played with such joy-it was obvious that they were just as delighted to be with the kids as the kids were delighted to be with them. Can’t wait to have them back!”
– Lian Farrer, State Theater New Brunswick

“This was just wonderful! The performers were excellent, engaging and great with all the kids. We’d come see them again in a heartbeat.”

“The band was so amazing for a kids show with very high quality music and performance.”

“The kids really enjoyed the show and interacting with the performers. Especially liked getting to touch the instruments after the show!”

Bandits on the Run are a whimsical trio of music and mischief makers from Brooklyn. The three friends first tested their mettle in NYC’s most underground music scene (the Subways). Since then, they have been thick as thieves, taking their act above ground to spread their tuneful rouse around the world. Wielding cello, guitars, melodious three-part harmony (not to mention various and sundry toys), they are sure to charm the socks off of folks young, old, and everywhere in between!

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