“Meredith Wright is a dazzling performer. She creates intimacy with her audience by using humor, winning, original lyrics, and dramatic effects.”
– Parenting Center, 14th St. Y

“When Meredith Wright sings…she charms the kids to their bones. The kids can’t help it, they just need to get up and dance.”
– Jan Johnson, manager of children’s services, Princeton Public Library

A six foot-tall, smiling face with the bright, soulful voice and pink boots on her ears? Meredith Wright AKA Sweetbeatz “charms the kids to their bones…” Her original tunes and enthusiastic jams celebrate the spirit and sassiness of kids in the city in one dazzling performance. The rhythm of our feet as we stroll down the street, the rumble-tumble grooves of the Laundromat, unique hairstyles that shake and swing, Meredith finds music in everything. An unforgettable playdate!

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